Monday, May 23, 2011

Time based peace

6:00am-wake up
6:05am-get in shower
6:30am-get dressed
7:00am-have breakfast
7:15am-leave house
7:45am-get out of car at school
7:50am-get books from locker
8:00am-go to Government
9:25am-get out of Government and go to Nutrition
9:40am-sign in to free period
10:05am-go to Starbucks
11:05am- walk to locker get books out
11:10am-go to Math
12:35pm-get out of math and go to locker
12:50pm-stand in line for lunch
1:00pm-eat lunch
1:15pm-start walking to arts
1:20pm-get to arts
3:00pm-go on brake
3:30pm-go back to class
4:00pm-get out of class
4:05pm-start walking to the bus
4:20pm-get on the bus
4:45pm-get on the second bus
5:20pm-get off bus walk home
5:40pm-get home, have snack
6:00pm-start homework
10:00pm-finnish homework
10:15pm-take quick shower
10:45pm-get ready for bed
11:00pm-go to seep

Monday, May 16, 2011

edible art

I have never been able to cook pasta of any kind so for this peace I decided I would have too !